Night Guards

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Studys show that 96% of all people clench or grind their teeth at night. We think it might be more! Tooth grinding or clenching is called bruxism. This can lead to significant tooth wear, fractures, decay, bone and gum tissue loss and tooth loss. Many people also experience jaw pain, muscle pain, joint pain and headaches. You can protect jaw muscles, teeth, bone, gum tissue and joints with a night guard!

What to Expect

In order to make a night guard, impressions or a digital scan of your teeth must be made as well as an evaluation of your current bite. We'll fabricate your guard and adjust it for you when it's delivered to you. After a week or two, we'll have you bring it back in for an additional bite check and to see the wear marks on your guard. If further adjustments are needed, we'll complete them at that time. Your bite will be protected and your jaw muscles, teeth, bone, gum tissue and joints will thank you for it!

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